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Moxie Katherine was born sleeping on August 28th, 2010. She was our first child. We weren't able to get very many pictures of her as the hospital had not dealt with a still birth in a long time. All our pictures were very fuzzy as well. So I remember her in the pictures friends and family have taken for me. With beauty, spunk, and sass! And when I see her name in pictures from all over I know they are full of Moxie! I hope you will enjoy them as I do, and if you would like to submit your own, just make sure to tell me where it was taken. That way I know all the wonderful places my Moxie has traveled!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thoughts in my head

I lay in bed and watch your sister sleep. You are always in my mind.
I wonder when I next meet you if you will be young or have grown?
How do I make it without you?
I stare at your picture, I hold your urn.
I long to hold you and see you smile. 
I cling to your sister and know only you two have shared that space inside me. And somehow that means you are connected. 

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